Royal Standard

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Royal Standard


Frequently Asked Questions...

Royal Standard of Ur?

Please explain what the Royal Standard of Ur is!!

what is it?

how does it look?

Best Answer...


The Royal Standard of Ur is a Sumerian artifact excavated from what had been the Royal Cemetery in the ancient city of Ur (modern-day Iraq south of Baghdad).
The artifact was found in one of the largest royal graves at Ur, associated with Ur-Pabilsag, a king who died around 2550 BC.

It is a hollow wooden box measuring 21.59 centimetres wide by 49.53 centimetres long, inlaid with a mosaic of shell, red limestone and lapis lazuli.
Inlaid mosaic panels cover each long side of the Standard. Each presents a series of scenes displayed in three registers, upper, middle and bottom. The two mosaics have been dubbed "War" and "Peace" for their subject matter, respectively a representation of a military campaign and scenes from a banquet.

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