Brass Valve

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Soldering a brass valve and copper pipe

Frequently Asked Questions...

what acid eats brass, i have a brass valve stuck in a aluminum carb.?

my mechanic broke a valve in a set of carbs so i need an acid that will eat the brass and not the aluminum carb. and where can i get some in a small amount

Best Answer...


Let me try and dissuade you from this idea. I presume that what you want to do is dunk the entire carburettor in an acid bath and wait for the brass do dissolve. Both sulphuric and hydrochloric acids chew aluminium as well as brass, so the only candidate is nitric acid, which dissolves the brass but puts a layer of oxidation down on the aluminium surface which prevents further aggression. Nitric acid is nasty stuff to handle, and I suspect you would also have to polish off the oxide layer for the best airflow.