Conn Connstellation

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Time-Capsule 1965 Conn Connstellation 38B for sale at Austin Custom Brass

Frequently Asked Questions...

Where to buy a new horn?

Can anyone put up a link to a site that I can search for a trumpet in any city I live in? Specifically, I'm looking for a Conn Connstellation, and I want to see how I like how it plays before I buy it. If there isn't a site like this, does anyone have any suggestions on what to do?

Best Answer...


Go to Woodwind - Brasswind is a site where you can buy instruments. They will ship them to you and if you don't like it, you ship it back and they refund you the full price, so no worries if you don't like it. It's also more likely that they have what you are looking for than just searching craigslist or ebay.