Gig Bag Straps

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Are guitar packages worth it?

so i saw this electric guitar package that comes with
electric guitar (duh)
amplifier cable
Gig bag
chord chart
its very cheap and i think its just good for me cuz im a beggiener but what worries me is that it might be too crappy to play even for someone who is just a begginer i always played an acoustic so its my first time buying an electric guitar the brand name is "silverstone"

Best Answer...


If you've been playing the acoustic for a while (i.e. you're definitely going to continue playing as a hobby) then I would go get a good guitar and a good amp. This way you will enjoy practicing and playing more. If you're brand new to guitar then it's a good idea to get something cheap because guitar is very difficult to pick up and a lot of people quit.

If you like the Les Paul style guitar then Epiphone makes a lot of models across a wide price range (anywhere from $150 - 800). Ibanez also makes a Les Paul style for $300 called the ART100 which is considered to be one of the best guitars for the money.

If you like Stratocasters then I would look at the Fender Standard Strat ($500). Squier also makes strats for $100 - 350, but they are much lower quality than the Fender.

For the record, most guitars come with gigbags.

For an amp I would recommend the Fender Vibro-Champ XD which is an excellent tube amp for $200. It also has a bunch of "voices" which gives it tonnes of different sounds and tones. If you want a cheaper amp then I would recommend the Peavey Vypyr 15 ($100) which also has a bunch of different sounds and tones to play with, but it is a solid state amp instead of a tube amp. As for a cable, pick up a standard DeMarzio instrument cable. Great quality for a good price.

One more recommendation, I would avoid anything with a double locking tremolo or floyd rose tremolo. For someone who isn't accustomed to dealing with these types of bridges it can be a real pain just to change strings.

Also, when you first get your electric guitar, bring it into a shop and have it set up or look up how to set up your guitar. It won't sound right until you set the guitar's intonation, adjust the action to your liking and make sure the neck isn't bowed at all.