Yamaha Dtx

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Frequently Asked Questions...

can I buy any electronic drum bass pedal?

About a year ago I bought a Yamaha DTX Explorer electric kit. I have played it quite a bit and have enjoyed it...except the bass pedal. The bass pedal moves around a lot when I play and doesn't give me the ability to keep up with what I'm playing. I want to get a new pedal. Anyone know if I can use just any electric bass pedal or have any recommendations? Thanks for the help guys!

Best Answer...


All of the DTXplorer sets I've seen just use a regular bass pedal attached to the bass pad tower. Do you have this stuff on a rug? You could also try putting velcro on the rug and the bottom of the pedal to hold it in place. The problem is that you don't have much weight there to hold things in place. A pedal with a better anchoring system might help a little but you must also find a good rug that helps keep stuff from moving around.