Band Diatonic

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Lars Karlsson Band. Diatonic Accordion Song title Pancake Anyone.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Buying my first harmonica?

Hi, I want to start playing the harmonica but don't know which one to buy: I've read a bit and narrowed it down to:

Hohner Marine Band HM:

Hohner Marine Band Special 20:

Hohner Pro Harp:

I want to play a mix of blues, old school RnB, hip hop and jazz. But which one do I buy?

Best Answer...


I recommend the "Hohner Marine Band 1896" in the key of "C".
You should most definitely buy a harmonica with a wooden comb!

Ever since blues was first played on harmonica, wooden combs were used. The "Hohner Marine Band 1896" is THE Most iconic and legendary instrument among blues harmonica professionals.

Why anyone would tell a beginner not to get an instrument used by more professionals than any other instrument is beyond me. It just doesn't make sense.