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Frequently Asked Questions...

Which Key of Harmonica Should I Get? for sad bluesy stuff ?

Ive learned a little with my c harp. its a hohner pocket pal it was good for a beginner but i believe iv passed that stage now and i think i need a new harmonica. i like sad bluesy stuff. what key would be best for sad, bluesy music ?
and btw ill probably buy another hohner. which would you suggest ? special 20 and blues harp seems good but dunno ??

Best Answer...


After "C" the next you should get is an "A" harmonica. Maybe a "Hohner Marine Band 1896".....

A large portion of good blues songs are played in the key of "E". So an "A" harp is perfect. It is also a Lot lower than the "C".

After the "A, C", get "D, G,". Blues guitar players like playing in the keys of "G,E,A,D". Thus "C,A,D,G" harmonicas.

BTW... You most definitely Can make a "sad" sound with a "C" harp.

My Favorite harp keys are "F, D". The "F" is Incredibly high! But it Does sound bluesy.

* What I believe is happening is that you are playing a lot of melodies (little lamb, twinkle star, saints go marching...etc.). If this is the case, what you need to do is research what "2nd Position" is. Moving into different positions will allow for different tone. It is also necessary if you cannot overbend.

You may want to start working on your bending abilities and "Tone". If you have good tone, Most Anything will sound good.

*** Bluesiness does Not come from a key change.

Good luck! The "A" will serve you well.