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Jet Li and Eva Huang star in The Sorcerer and the White Snake 白蛇传说白蛇傳說

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MOVIE QUOTE!!! "How to make a monster"?

I just watched "How to make a monster" the 2001 remake, by George Huang, Starring Clea DuVall. In the end Laura (Clea DuVall) was talking to her new intern and game a micro speech on the hardships in the world, I found it greatly inspirational, but I cant find the quote/scripts anywhere!!! Can someone please help!!!!

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Here's a snippet of that portion from the movie How To Make a Monster (2001):

Intern: Look, Mrs. Wheeler, I’m trying to be nice here.

Laura: Don’t.

Intern: What?

Laura: Don’t be nice.

Intern: But why?

Laura: Because the world is not nice. It is complicated and it is messy. It is overflowing with arrogance and greed and uncertainty. It's a lot of heinous sh*t. It’s a world where bad wins out every single time. Now maybe you’re too naïve to believe that, or too stupid to learn it, but if you believe in the good and mercy of others, you will always lose, you will always be the victim. And then you’ll learn, intern. You'll learn.