Johnson Harmonica

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Jordan Johnson Harmonica

Frequently Asked Questions...

Whats A good Harmonica brand?

Im looking to buy a pack of 12 harmonicas, so 1 in every key,
but im not sure what brands are good and what aren't.
So are Jambone harmonicas any good?
or are Johnson Harmonicas any good?
and what does Chromatic mean?
just some tips about harmonicas will be extremely appreciated.

Best Answer...


A chromatic has a slide, so it will play the sharps and flats (black keys on piano) directly, as well as the naturals. I have a Hohner Super 64 in C. I think G is the other common key.

Your 12 pack will have 10-hole diatonics in it.

I don't have any Jambones or Johnsons, but you usually get what you pay for (details, quality, tuning accuracy, durability), so watch out. I also only have about half of the available keys (C, G, A, E, D, F). I also have a Bb but don't have much call for it.

Definitely get plastic combs and screwed-on covers (so you can take them apart for cleaning). Pay attention to other people's reviews for comments on how they play, hold up, whether they leak, if they're flimsy, etc. I use Harp Depot and Coast 2 Coast Music and both have some reviews.