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Frequently Asked Questions...

Better brand of violin shoulder rest?

Currently, I'm using a Resonans shoulder rest for my 4/4 violin. It's quite old and wearing down so I'm thinking of buying a new one. The only other type of rests I can buy locally are Kuns, which cost $45 at the music store downtown (other than foams). I've been thinking of getting one from the internet, since they're cheap at eBay.

So...has anyone tried the Menuhin (or Comford) types, with the four legs? Or the Bon Musica ones, with the curve? Or should I get the Kuns (from the store or eBay)?

Can you guys tell me how they are, how it makes you violin sound (different or not), how they feel, quality, etc...

Best Answer...


I had to go through about 5 different shoulder rests before I was comfortable with one.I use a Bon Musica, and I love it. You can adjust the curve so it fits your shoulder comfortably.. It doesn't affect how your violin sounds, and neither should any other shoulder rest.. I've had it for years and it's still in great condition.. Unless you lose it or are careless with it it most likely won't need to be replaced for a long time.

I like the fact that you can adjust just about anything on it. The curve can be bended, it can be made higher or lower, etc.

I would recommend going to a music store that will let you try on different shoulder rests. Each person has their preference.