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Frequently Asked Questions...

what are some things that start with the letter K?

I need one for the following:
Pro sport teams
Breakfast food
things in the ocean
Musical group
Things at a football game
Personality traits
Articles of clothing
item in fridge
things at the beach
things you shout(school appropriate)
way to get from here to there
items in a catalog
musical insrutments
bad habit
item in the room
something you keep hidden
item in a suitcase
things with spot

Best Answer...


Pro sport teams- Kansas City Chiefs
Breakfast food-Krispy Kreme donuts
things in the ocean-kelp
Occupations-Keyboard Player
Musical group-Kinks
Things at a football game-Kickers, Kids
Personality traits-Kindness, kookiness
Articles of clothing-Knickers
item in fridge-kettle
things at the beach-Kids
things you shout(school appropriate)-we're the Kings
way to get from here to there-Kind of in a straight line
items in a catalog-Kelly Dolls
musical insrutments-Keyboards
bad habit-kissing too many people
item in the room-kite
something you keep hidden-Keys
item in a suitcase-KY Jelly
crimes-Killing, Knocking Someone's Teeth Out
things with spot-Kite