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Frequently Asked Questions...

Violin strings.?

Hi, my daughter needs a new set of strings for her full size, does anybody know whether Pirastro Evah Pirazzi, or Thomastik Dominant strings are better?

Best Answer...


The Dominants are used by many great violinists (although they do not use the E string ; they usually substitute a Gold Label E or Jargar).

You can see from this list that Itzhak Perlman, Hilary Hahn, Anne Sophie Mutter, Gil Shaham and Pinchas Zukerman all use Dominants.


You will also see that Maxim Vengerov and Joshua Bell use Pirazzi.

The strings have to be matched to the violin so she will have to try both types and see which sounds best on her violin. What will sound good on one violin may not sound too good on another violin.
They are both good strings but I would try the Dominants first.