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Frequently Asked Questions...

Any serious or professional musicians that have played the minimalist work "In C" by Terry Riley?

I'll be performing it with a couple professors and advanced students at the college I attend in about a week, and as excited as I am about it, it's very improvisational and I'd love any tips or suggestions! I'm one of two soprano saxophone players, there are also vibes, marimba, drum set, horn, and a couple others. We'll be playing this performance as a 30 minute version.

I'm not inexperienced with minimalism, I love the style, and my quartet just performed Philip Glass' Concerto for Saxophone Quartet this past year with our chamber orchestra. But after looking through the score of In C, Glass' works aren't improvisational like Riley's.

Best Answer...


You sound like a musician that knows what she's talking about. I'm sure if you just relax and let the music take over, you'll do just fine improvising. Just remeber, the kids at camp are going to look up to you and think you're great no matter what. Just seeing you on stage is going to do that. So just relax up there and do what feels natural for your improv sections :)