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I need some suggestions or some advice what would be the right string set to buy for an acoustic guitar....?

I was told that Nylon strings for classical guitar would do on an acoustic guitar and that they're gentler on an 8 year-old's fingers, rather than acoustic strings like D'Addario's Phosphorus Bronze, light gauge. He's a complete beginner, but had violin lessons for 3 years. I know nothing about guitars, I'm a violonists. :) )) I was thinking of purchasing flamenco nylon guitars. Based on the advertisement it's flexible, yet gentle. I don't know really. Would it make a big difference if I put nylon strings on an acoustic? Please enlighten me on this. I really appreciate your help. Thank you very much.
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Best Answer...


For an acoustic guitar, you need to look at acoustic strings. Classical (nylon) strings are not suitable for an acoustic guitar.

There are many brands that make acoustic strings, such as Martin, D'Addario, Ernie Ball, Elixir and many more.

More importantly is the material. You can either get 80/20 bronze strings or phosphor bronze strings. 80/20 bronze strings give a more bright, crisp sound. Phosphor bronze guitar strings give a more mellow, rounded sound.

Then there are the different gauges. The lighter the gauge, the more treble the strings sounds. The heavier the strings, the more bass.

Super light gauge for acoustics will be a 10, medium will be a 13. most acoustic guitars come with gauge 12 strings (light).

You can also look at Martin Silk and Steel, these have a higher tension than normal classical guitar strings and can be used on acoustic guitars. the have less tension than steel strings, so will be easier on the fingers, and will give more classical tones.

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