Allen Organ

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Allen CF7 used church organ.avi

Frequently Asked Questions...

What is a good registration for a church organ?

I play an Allen organ at our church. It's about 25 years old and has 2 manuals. Having never taken an organ lesson (only piano), I am kinda at a loss for registering the thing.

Do you have any suggestions for a general registration for congregational singing? I play the pedals... sometimes. I usually play with the Swell To Great as well.

Name some stops, guys! Thanks :-)

Best Answer...


I would have to play and hear the organ, but Allen organs of that era sound better with the fewest stops needed to get the effect. Using too many stops that don't add appreciably just cause the sound to be fuzzy. I would start with Prinzipal 8' and Oktav 4' on the Great with the Prinzipal 16', Bourdon 16' and Oktav 8' in the Pedal. Then add the 2' Superoktav on the Great and the 4' Choralbass in the Pedal. Then add Mixtures and/or a 16' to the Great. Those are just guesses on the stop names because I don't know what your organ has. The Prinzipal may be called Principal or Diapason, and the Oktav may be called Octave. But you get what I mean.
If the Prinzipals (Principals) and Oktavs (Octaves) don't sound good to your ears by themselves, you could try adding flutes (German-flote with an umlaut on the "o") to them. Always start with the 8', and then add the 4', and then the 2'. The flutes can be used alone as well, but for congregational singing, the prinzipals and their corresponding oktavs are more supportive. If you like the sound of the reeds (Trumpet, Trompette, Oboe, Hautbois, Clarion, Clairon, Contra Fagotto, Posaune, Bombarde, etc)., you can add those to the principals, too, perhaps on the last verse of a hymn. Again, add the 8' one first (on the manuals, start with 16' for the pedal), then add the 16' and/or 4' ones to that (8' and 4' for the pedal). Trust your ears and use what sounds good to you.