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Frequently Asked Questions...

How do I care for a black childs hair?

I am adopting my nieces two children. They are mixed. The boy who is four shows more "white" features. The little girl favors the colored side of her genetic pool. I simply do not know what to do with this babies hair. I wash it and condition it EVERY DAY, deep conditioner, the good stuff. Still it frizzes and looks like a rag a muffin as my mom would say. What am I doing wrong? Also what makes their skin turn so grey?
I am not being racist. I love these children and only want the best for them. If not I would not be ADOPTING them. I honestly do not know how to care for her hair or either of their skin types. Wouldn't be asking on here if I knew where to go for advice! Trying to be honest not cruel.

Best Answer...


Biracial Hair Care - Taking Care of Biracial or Multiracial Child Hair

Biracial Hair Care "Do's"

Do be gentle with biracial hair. Black, kinky, coarse hair is fragile and must be styled gently. No pulling or yanking or rough brushing or you'll just be splitting hairs.

Always use a wide tooth comb for gently working tangles out of wet hair. If you must use a brush (please, only on dry hair!), make sure it is a high-quality, natural boar bristle brush. Always use a wide tooth comb first to get out the snarls first—never use a brush for this.

Curly, coarse or kinky hair is dry. The key to working with it is to keep it moist. Stay away from gels and hair spray because they contain ingredients that dry out the hair. Think moisture. Replenish the hair with moisture. Use products like leave-in moisturizers and styling lotions, but always check the ingredients list.

Since biracial hair does not produce the oil that caucasian hair does, it needs oil, but not just any kind of oil. Products that use light, natural oils will tame biracial hair just enough to give it control and shine.

For the best possible look, use a hydrating shampoo, moisturizing conditioner and a leave-in moisturizer

Biracial Hair Care "Don'ts"

Use moisturizer on your child's hair daily. Think of it as you do sun screen. Hydrating thirsty hair is the best thing you can do to keep it strong, shiny and healthy and to prevent excessive breakage.

Don't shampoo your child's hair daily. As mentioned above, black or biracial hair does not produce as much oil as caucasian hair, so shampooing twice (or at most, three times) per week is plenty. Make sure to use a gentle shampoo that does not strip the hair of natural oils.

When creating a biracial hair style, don't try to work on the whole head of hair all at once. Use clips to divide it into sections, so you can work on one area at a time.

Following these tips will bring out the natural beauty of biracial hair and help your child feel good about his or her looks.


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also about their skin you need to use lotion on their skin to prevent them from becoming ashy (thats the term that people use to describe it turning grey