Leather Mahogany

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Interior Design Help please?

My mom has given me a huge project over summer, to design our downstairs. I need help though. We have a Mediterranean feel throughout the house (very light tan carpets, mainly light tan walls, white trimming, dark mahogany kitchen islands & counters with granite counter tops and white ceilings) I don't need to focus on the kitchen area. I need to focus on the walls and how to set the room ... like carpets and tables. We already have most of the furniture we need, a large leather mahogany colored sectional and a fabric print chair & ottoman mahogany and tan- ish colors. we also have metal & glass tables, a flat screen tv that has ugly cords that hang down because it is mounted on the wall that i hope to cover. I am supposed to use as little money as i can and to use modern style to the area. So if any body can help me that would be wonderful. Thanks :D !!!!

Best Answer...


less is more , a few nice pieces rotated seasonally is best , no clutter , room to walk , soothing neutral colors.

it is your place so some people say do whatever you want. some people have so much stuff you can barely sit down or walk to the door. i think it is awful. but hey opinions are like butts.