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Frequently Asked Questions...

Woke up one morning with clogged ear?

Yesterday I woke up, and noticed my right ear is feeling clogged and muffled and also can't hear as good as before (Lower decibel). As weird as this is, I don't think it's hearing loss because I don't believe that happens over night and just in one ear. I play the piano (Baby Grand, which IS relatively loud) around 2-3 hours a day, and usually uses headsets for FPS gaming to give a better surround sound (The noise is usually high for me to hear better). Also, I don't experience any pain.)
Ear Infection, etc, any ideas?
Thanks :)
In addition to people who experience music as well, I noticed that there are TUNE slips both from playing the piano and hearing other types of music. Some notes literally sound like its a slightly out-of-tune guitar string. At higher octaves there also tends to be echoing sounds in my right ear. Thanks.

Best Answer...


A slight ear infection can clog up an ear overnight like that.
Two simple remedies, but they do take some time, so be aware of this.
If you have and ear dropper, try a couple drops of olive oil in a warmed tablespon of water and drop into your ear canal. The olive oil will help unstick whatever is clogging your ear and will drain out. It will be yucky, but it works. For the infection, if you have any leftover antibiotics from your last illness, take 1/2 the dose. If you can cut a pill in half, that works. If not, there are ear drops you can get from a pharmacist that don't require a prescription that should work, so long as you have no pain. If you have some pain but not a lot of pain, the ear drops from the pharmacy plus a mild over-the-counter pain reliever should help. ANd give your ears a rest, no loud sounds. Earplugs to protect the ears while you are doing this should prevent this from getting worse. It will take a day or two, but this works.