Cello Peg

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Mechanical/ geared cello pegs?

ok, so ive been playing cello for 5 years, but recently my cello pegs slip and don't turn and then I can't tune. I've tried rosin on the pegs to make them stay, but they dont. so now I'm thinking to replace them with mechanical pegs. How much about do they cost? or if you know of a way to get pegs to stop slipping, then let me know. :D

Best Answer...


dont ever ever ever get those pegs!!!!! they are awful, they slip and break, and are worse than any slipping wood pegs. i have had awful experiences with them. try peg drops, not rosin, on your pegs, and also try to push them in a little at the same time that you are turning them. also, have an instrument repair person or teacher look at them, and maybe replace them if they are not the right size for your instrument. also, invest in fine tuners.