Celtic Harp

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What kind of harp is best?

I'm beginning to play the harp-im not sure what to get. I dont know much about harps...So im not sure how many strings are best and stuff. i really like the way the gothic harp looks, but im not sure if its for special playing things or what. Celtic harps i heard are good too. I'm not sure what to do. If you could tell me the basics, like how many strings a harp should have (at most, like piano its 88) thatd be good. thanks!

Best Answer...


Celtic (means the same thing as lever) harps are always a good place to start. Most range from 26-40 strings, with various lever configurations. More strings and levers add up to a higher cost (renting first is a GREAT idea, $50-60 per month).

For my beginning students, I always recommend at least 36 strings, with levers on B, F & C. Levers on other strings may be added later. You can find a good quality lever harp with 36 strings for $2000-$2500. Lyon & Healy, Dusty Strings, and Blevins Harps all have instruments in this price range.

A smaller harp requires that you balance it on your lap, which is difficult to do while working on your technique. Go for a slightly larger harp that rests on the floor.

Gothic harps generally do not have levers, and are mostly used for playing medieval music. If you are interested in playing primarily classical or orchestral music, you're probably looking for a pedal harp, but those are considerably more expensive ($10,000-$50,000)