Electric Silent

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Im a cellist and i want an electric cello how can i make money with my music?

this is were i want it from http://www.kkmusicstore.com/cecilio-electric-silent-black-metallic-cello-outfit-solidwood-ebony-fitted-style-1-p-403.html that's the link im 12 btw

Best Answer...


Three things:

1) That site is a scam site in my opinion.

2) You are too young to be using THIS site - 13 is the minimum age according to the rules. Normally, I would report you, but I am going to let it slide this time, because I like most musicians.

3) To make money, you would actually have to be REALLY good at playing the instrument, which, unless you are a natural, is unlikely to happen for like a decade at least. Do you already play cello?