Ivory Frog

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New Dubstep 2011 - Ivory Frog Statue

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Vio Music 4 4 Violin Pernambuco Bow Ivory like Frog with Parisian Eyes
antique master violin bow with ivory frog

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Ivory Frog

Frequently Asked Questions...

question about violin bows?

Hi, I i have inhereted an old violin bow that is labelled Didelot. It appears to be snake-wood, and has an ivory frog and turning piece to tighten the hair which is no longer there. I was just wondering if the name Didelot means anything important or if it is just another French bow-maker.


Best Answer...


It isn't really "important," but it's the name of the maker. Fine violin luthiers or bow makers tend to label work by their name, rather than by a label -- just a sort of trademark they tend to develop. However, it sounds like a nice bow -- keep it in shape the best you can.