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Frequently Asked Questions...

Which violin/viola parts are interchangable?

I play viola, and I just bought a salvaged violin from the local shop. I will be using the wood for art projects, but it was complete with pegs, bridge, tailpiece, fine tuners, and everything else except strings. The soundpost is intact. My question is which, if any, of these parts are ambiguous between violin and viola (15'' viola, 4/4 violin) that I might use as spares?

Thank you!

Best Answer...


It is most likely that none of them will work as spares. All the pieces will probably be too small, and even if they were coming from another 15" viola, the size of most things change depending on the instrument. The tail piece and fine tuners might work, but most people don't have problems with their tail pieces or fine tuners.

Of course, I have never seen either of the instruments before, so I cannot be 100% sure, but I highly doubt that the violin parts will work on viola.

If you have any doubts, I recommend talking to your local dealer.