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Tone Solo

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Frequently Asked Questions...

most efficient way of practicing chord tone soloing?

just running arpeggios all day long? or r there different approaches. I'm pretty stuck.

Best Answer...


well of youre bored/stuck practicing soloing with chord tones, why not branch out and solo with other scales? You could use a blues scale, which is (in C) C Eflat F Fsharp G Bflat C. Or you could try bebop scales, which in simplest form are major scales with an extra note added in to create a nine note scale, ex. C D E F G A Bflat B C. the bebop scale is harder to make good sounding solos with in my opinion, but im just not experienced in bebop. u could also add in a flat sixth instead of a flat seventh.
hope this helped, email me with more questions