Music Go Round

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Let Rio De Janeiro Be Your Destination Of Choice.

Planning a vacation is always the best part of the whole trip. You get to make all sorts of wishes and wants and needs. If you are planning to lie in the sun for three weeks, then you need to do a lot of shopping for special clothes to suit those needs.

Because you saved up and worked hard the whole year, you have booked a flight to an exotic destination which is a popular destination all year round. Once you have finally left the airport building, you realize for the first time that you are on foreign soil and it excites you terribly.

Everywhere you look you hear and see how relaxed the people are. You can't wait to hit the beach and even had the strange experience of a brazilian wax, because your bikini is a tad skimpy, and you need to look perfect when you strut your stuff down the road. Your wax treatment was well worth it because now you can get a tan exactly where you want.

The time is near for the festivities to start and you can hardly contain yourself. The music is intoxicating and the dancers are mesmerizing, yes we are talking about Rio de Janeiro and it's famous carnival. Here the perfect bodies will dazzle you as they are shown off with outlandish costumes and ear to ear smiles. It is a time for endless fun on the beach and to try out her culinary delights in her many restaurants.

But because you woke up feeling a bit under the weather, you need to apply some holistic therapy to your day. You need to be quiet and meditate so that your body can realign itself spiritually. You also need to do your yoga exercises to get rid of the stiffness in your back and knees, caused by a cramped seat on the airplane. Thank goodness your hotel has a wellness spa where you can relax in a mud bath with a good uplifting book about supplementing medicines.

Rio - as it is called, has so many wonderful sights to see that you need to take an organized day trip to orientate yourself first. The city is busy and pulsating with traffic and pedestrians. The sun is hot and many people walk around with shorts and a t-shirt. The beaches are where it's at and there you will find well built bodies of all ages, sizes and shapes.

But alas, the sun was shut out today because of a cold arctic wind blowing into town. It is raining and you have not really brought along suitable warm cloths. Luckily you found two home space heaters in your closet and can enjoy a warm cozy room as you read a good book while falling into a deep relaxing sleep.

Ice Water Mansion July 1984 Music Go Round Video Production

Music Go Round

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