Artley Flute

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Sweetie Pie - (Artley flute)

Frequently Asked Questions...

How much would an Artley flute likely go for at auction? Ukulele?

I know nothing about flutes. I played clarinet in the school band a few years ago, but have always wanted to play the flute and frequently borrowed and tried to play my friend's.

My parents are going to a police auction tomorrow...And one of the items listed is an 'Artley flute in hard shell case.' And then it also comes with a ukelele. I have no idea how much either would go for...Especially since I don't know the year it (they) was made or anything about it at all. So, take a wild guess and help me out?

I'm assuming it would go for quite low considering it's one flute among tons and tons of bikes worth over 1 thousand dollars and fancy jewellery and cameras. But, I really have no idea...

Best Answer...


How old is the flute? If it's over say, 5 years old, you'd be lucky to get $50 out of it. (Esp. if it's a beginner flute). If it's new and a repair tech tells you it's in perfect working order, then $100-200. Artley is an okay brand, but not one of the better ones.

Flutes lose their value pretty quickly and it's usually not worth it to sell. The repair bills on flutes often cost more than their value. I'd donate it to a local school if you want to get rid of it.