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Painted Chinese


Frequently Asked Questions...

Need help with my art project?

I need help finding detailed information on an artist famous for painting chinese buildings. I need the info soon because the deadline for my project is coming up and I need to have the information filled in on my support studies sheet. Thanks.

Best Answer...


It would be hard to find one, because Chinese Art focuses on the natural rather than the 'man- made'. i'm sure that a search into Chinese architecture would give you plenty of info regarding structure

Ai Weiwei’s Sunflower Seeds at Mary Boone Gallery (

"Sunflower Seeds" at the Mary Boone Gallery

The Mary Boone gallery welcomed that certain mélange of patrons Saturday
evening, the kind possible only in New York. The torn-legging twenty-
somethings wandered in alongside debonair art collectors, followed by
stroller-pushing mothers and the general eccentrics emerging from the Chelsea

Walking into the gallery space, we first noticed a man wearing a be-plumed
top-hat stroking a composite stuffed animal that was two parts rodent, one
part duck, one part walrus. “Who is the artist?” The man asked a gallery staff
member. “It’s written on the wall,” responded the gallerist, visibly annoyed.
“Ai Weiwei,” the aspiring vivisectionist sounded out, reading the decal. “What
is he, like Chinese?”

We walked through the entryway into the main gallery space where, arranged in
a perfect rectangle, four million porcelain sunflower seeds were on display.
The exhibition is part of Chinese dissident Ai Weiwei’s latest project—an
ambitious undertaking years in the making—for which 1,600 artisans in the
Chinese town of Jingdezhen sculpted and hand-painted over 130 million ceramic
seeds. While only a small portion of those kernels could fit sensibly into Ms.
Boone’s gallery, the spectacle was enough to draw a sizable crowd.

The disparate ...